Sunday, April 15, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 4 page 4

So Dallas lays the smackdown on Austin. A really fun page to draw. I wanted lots of space and a minimalist feel here. I felt that we were drawn enough into the characters that I could take a step back from the normal detail that I try and put in.

As amusing as it was, the line: "You lying sack of sh-" was not in my script. I like to think I inspired the writer here. =)

Ok. I believe Hero asked about how I prepare for these stories.

Firstly, I'm emailed the script. I read through the script a couple times to make myself totally familiar with it. Then I will sit down and start sketching out layout. Layouts are basically tiny sketches of the page. Mine are notoriously messy, tiny and indecipherable. I really don't know how NBC reads them. I'm sure they just kind of squint at them, shrug and smile.

What I tend to do is draw each panel in a small series of wide rectangles. I then draw and and redraw the angles, trying to find the right shot. Sometimes it takes me up to three or four attempts. I then arrange them into a page (usually 10cm tall and 4cm wide), and sometimes what I thought was the best shot doesn't work next to the previous or the next panel. So I have to make choices as to which ones I think work best or worst in sequence. Once the pages are laid out, I scan them and send them off to my editor, Frank who sends them onto NBC.

The point of the thumbnail is to make sure that I am telling the story and haven't missed any elements. It's also a means by which the editor and NBC can make corrections and suggestions before I commit to the time-consuming final art.

NEXT: Research and reference.



leezh said...

Just want to say that you are my favorite artist among all who have been working at the HEROES graphic novels.

I enjoy your work so much (you and Annette are simply the best!)(esp. the details)(esp. the likenesses)(esp. the coloring), and your further work in the novels are totally good news to me! *grins* I cannot wait for your next installment, and also for your own coloring too!

Thanks for the b/w pics! I love both the b/w and the colored version of them...

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Minimalist feeling or just pressed for time? ... Kidding.

Sketches? Would love to see some....when you get time, of course. It's fun to see the process.

I'm excited for the next two pages -- they were the most full of life by far.

jasonb said...

leezh: Thank you sooo-ooo much! I appreciate you dropping by and saying, "Hi!". I'm three pages into the next part and I'm VERY excited. It's fun to be able to go back and colour my own stuff. It's more of a digital painted style.

Ryan: LOL! A bit of both actually. It's one of those times when it actually worked out really well. Background details would have added nothing to the story, in fact they would have detracted. I had the idea of all these guys breaking them up, but it just became unnecessary. The next two are indeed the best. I will explain why.

killeroo said...

some real nice stuff here Jase. you're certainly insane in the deadlines you take on, but hey, it's Heroes eh.

HERO said...

See, I told ya! Even when you tell some of the background info in "the making of a HEROES graphic novel", it's still a process of which I can still be in awe!

It's so cool that you also reveal spoilery info and the blacked-out text!

Hope you get to do some coloring, and tell Annette that she did a excellent job, too!