Sunday, October 08, 2006


This is another EQ2 wallpaper signature that I did. It was a fairly spontaneous one. I was on the train home from Bendigo (visiting my parents - thanks for asking). I had run out of graphic novels to read. My brain was broken from doing layouts and I just wanted to sketch something. The lighting for a portrait came to mind. What you see before you is a rare pen sketch done with a bic biro. It's been blown up a bit and coloured on Photoshop.

Dashrin (the character name of Lee - see the dragon post a couple weeks ago) is my guild leader. Without sounding too geeky (god, why do I bother trying to be cool?) a guild is a large group of people who all play together. It is the guild leader's job to moderate and co-ordinate (in this case) about 100 people to play nicely, fairly and co-operatively. Truth be told it's a thankless job. Countless hours spent each week organising people instead of playing. No pay, and very little thanks.

Except this picture. Thanks Dash.

NEXT: Wow! that's my entire backlog that I'd put aside on my break! In a moment of procrastination between Zero-Genesis pages (going well, thanks for asking. Will you see any? Not whole pages. But just panels and highlights here and there) I have planned my next 6 weeks of daily posts... And I haven't even considered scanning in artwork that I actually drew by hand.

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