Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ZERO-G Atom Weaver

So here's the first sketch of our protagonist "Atom Weaver". Yes, that's his real name. Trust me, Alex Zamm (the writer) totally makes it work. There's a reason, and point to his name. It's clever and works.

I did forget to give him his glasses. You can see them on the pinup below.

Alex did a very clever thing and "cast" all the characters from actors. After Googling them I got a really good idea of was meant to be who, and what he was looking from each of them.

Oh yeah, several people have asked me about the plot for Zero-G.

An asteroid is passing by Earth, and NASA geologist Atom Weaver discovers that it is full of enough valuable minerals to upset the global economy. Countries and corporations start rushing for the asteroid before it leaves Earth's orbit. Reluctantly Atom is drafted aboard the mission for America. The US team find themselves trapped on the asteroid with a terrible menance after them. Also the asteroid is not what it seems. It has a very clever, very dark purpose.

For the sketches I used the crazy tonal effect which I've ditched for the finished pages. I just realised I don't need to be such a control freak when Annette is so damn good.

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