Sunday, October 22, 2006

SUPERJESS - page 2

Those of you paying attention can start to see some of the other work I've butchered to make this happen. Panel 3 is a sewer scene from THE FISHER that still hasn't seen print. I'd love to show you guys parts of that, but I'm not sure where I stand legally there. Basically, it's an entire 22 page (24 maybe) comic that I drew for Phospherescent Comics. It's where I met Annette. It was my last Aussie hurrah before throwing myself into Top Cow and Space Dog work. Last I heard they're thinking about doing it in black and white (WHY?!! WHY?!!!)

Panel 4 is the double page spread from FALLEN SKY that I posted a couple of days ago. I just redrew the central figures.

The likeness on the last panel (panel 5) is easily the best, but my favourite gag is panel 1. Such a geek in-joke.

It's funny, I'd known Jess for a while but never considered asking her to model for me. It's only when Ash asked me to do this and I'm working from the photos that Ash gave me (yeah I felt like such a stalker) that I'm like, "Wow! She'd make the best superhero! And she's really easy to draw!"

The funny thing is that some people are easier to draw than others. I have no idea why. Some faces are impossible to nail down, others just flow straight out of the pen. Even with a photo (certain types of lighting can make your job easier) you can still be in trouble. People think it's really easy, that you can just trace stuff and it will look like them. Uh uh. If you've never done it before, try it some time. Get some tracing paper and trace over a photo. I guarantee it will look NOTHING like them. Likenesses are an art.

So Jess has bailed me out of a couple of last-minute deadline predicaments, and I've helped her with her films (storyboarding etc). You will see more of her cropping up in my future work. Another poor soul conscripted into the relentless (and model-dependent) Jason Badower art machine.

You could be next...

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