Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I thought I wouldn't push my luck too far. You have all been really patient with my colouring attempts (and some of you not so). So I thought I would get back to some Kwokian goodness.

There's no getting around that I got a little carried away with this piece. Back when I drew this, there was the possibility that Renae Geerlings was looking at my work. So I thought I'd send this piece around. Little did I know that Renae (had very smartly) got the Witchblade out of this getup and into a tshirt and jeans with the Witchblade like a gauntlet on her right arm. I of course didn't know this and thought that it was T&A all the way. Given that I couldn't show her "A" I think I went a little overboard on the "T".

A funny comment is that a friend of mine got abused for looking at pornography at work when I emailed him this piece.

My favourite bit is still the little asian kid standing to her right. =)

I guess I should explain the piece. I felt that the Witchblade was such an over-saturated image in the comics community that she could be sitting at a bus-stop and no one would pay her any attention.

Again, Annette has done a stunning job.


mike Nason said...

It's a really good thing when an artist has the forsight to portray a really well known charactor within an unusual setting. It gives the viewer/reader something that is very important...a change from the usual! although a pin-up is just a small brief glimps at a charactor, I personaly can recall many of the pin-ups of the last 20 years that have ment something special to me, some of which I still have and some of which I wish I still had...in any case this was a nice idea, and well done...and before you gett the idea that I'm gonna leave here without critisising something...what's with the whu..aargh! (suddenly I hand comes out of the monitor and strangles pore Mike to death....o'well....)


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