Monday, October 30, 2006


One of my old trainers is in a funk band called PABLO DISCOBAR. He saw my artwork and asked me if I would do the cover for his upcoming album, "The Kung-fu Kitchen."

I was interested and asked him to email me a brief before I met all 7 members of the band. I got the brief and they wanted a 70s style movie poster of all seven of them looking like they were in a Bruce Lee film.

I looked at their budget and suggested that might not be possible. I explained how much time that would take (despite how fast I am) and how much I would be earning per hour should I take on the job (an amount that would make a Nike factory worker look like Bill Gates). And while I don't tend to do things for huge amounts of profit (instead looking at factors like fun, how much I'm helping a friend and how quick the turn-around is) I don't like to spend weeks on something I'm not getting paid anything resembling reasonable for.

So we went back and forth on ideas and eventually settled on an image of a 70s black dude in kung fu gear. Enter the cover image. I drew it in Photoshop and then printed it out and dry brushed it to get a more organic feel that they were looking for. I also did a back image which I will post next.

What's killing me is that they gave me a copy of the album (and the designer did a STUNNING job on it) and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can find an image of it on the web, please email it to me as I'd like to post it. I will then publicly acknowledge that your Google-fu is stronger than mine. It's on a beautiful red and tan paper stock. It looks incredible.


jel said...

only a small crappy scan of the art found here ..

jel said...

only a small crappy scan of the art found here ..

David W. said...

You're joking.

One of our old casuals at work was the trumpet player in Pablo Discobar. He even brought copies of the album in to the lab.

I never realised the drawing was yours. But why would I have?

jasonb said...


It's a small small world. And the lead singer is one of my old kung-fu students!

Yeah, it's a little bit different to my normal stuff.

You win Jel! Your Google-fu is stronger than mine!

Nice work!