Thursday, October 05, 2006


Spacedog has a huge amount of intellectual property ideas that they're working on. Because of the huge success they've had producing The Covenant (in cinemas now!), they've just started a specific entertainment division office in New York to join their LA one.

The genius to their ideas is that they start everything with comics. Comics make the greatest pitch sheets. The producers can all sit down over a latte and read the comic putting them all on the same page. It's a quick read and they can all see the characters and take the story to the screen together.

Before they make their comics though, they make one-sheets. A document with a single image and a quick blurb about the story. This is a One-sheet for a new title called Monstrosity. The art is by Andy Finlayson (keep an eye on him, he's going to be the next Aussie superstar) and it's coloured by me. I don't normally colour stuff but there was no time to ask Annette and they needed it for a meeting with Miramax, Lion's Gate or some such people immediately.

TECHNICAL: I painted a watercolour texture which I scanned in and placed in a layer behind her. I then tinted the watercolour layer green and using the burn and dodge tool placed my highlights and shadows on her. I then selected the areas of skin and clothing and using the colour balance tool shifted them to where I needed them to be, but still maintained a greenish hue. I finished off with a bit of air-brushing to help define the light source. Overall: 1 hour.

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