Monday, October 09, 2006


Years ago I did an Advanced Diploma of Multimedia at Holmesglen TAFE (that I later went on to lecture in). Peter Allen (no not the singer!) is the head of the department and taught the design section. His specialty was his assignments. I found them incredibly fun and innovative. I was working on a cartoon with the design/multimedia team from Swinburne and showed them the assignments that we were getting. They were blown away by the creativity and thoroughness of his assignments.

One of them was to create all the marketing material for a fictional movie. I decided to turn the comic book called the Authority into a movie. I had huge fun discussing who should play who with my geek buddies. I think my likenesses are pretty good here (except that's Vin Diesel as the Midnighter).

I was faced by two problems at the time. First was that you were NOT allowed to use anything that wasn't your intellectual property. If you didn't take the photo, then you weren't allowed to use it. Even royalty-free photos were banned.

Secondly, my RSI (repetitive strain injury) was so bad I couldn't hold a pen to draw with, use a mouse or a keyboard (it's 100% better thank you for asking).

So I taught myself to watercolour. These are some of my first paintings and are touched up in Photoshop to make them look more like photos. I have not used photo overlays in ANY way. The Midnighter is a photo of me in a Batman mask (don't ask) with the ears removed.


mike Nason said...

ah, these remind me of some mock DVD cover you must have done for this guy as well..I think it was a Georg clunni (spelling?)image, what am I talking about, do you know 'cause I don't....

jasonb said...

That's exactly this, mate.

These are those paintings all placed together.

If I could find the entire movie poster, I would be happy. That was fun!