Monday, October 16, 2006


So I had about a day to draw this, and Annette had about two days to colour it. She totally carried my ass over the line on this one.

First up, they didn't like the disembodied figures hanging in space, so they asked her to blend them in. Then I couldn't find a NASA logo so she found one and chucked it on his shirt. Then I asked her to do them all sweaty... and I will be damned, she pulled it off! I still don't know how she did that effect. It's one of my favourites cos it's so subtle! She also toned down his arm a bit... but he is still way too ripped.

I love the little blood spatter on his top, and the fill lights are beautiful.


Andy said...

That's awesome! Great work guys!

Mike Nason said...

hm, that looks real nice. and they where right about the bodys, looks better like this, somehow it makes more visual sence.

I'm I seeing things or is this a slightly different style for annette?