Sunday, October 08, 2006


In the early 90s I got into a band called the God Machine. They had two albums, and on the eve of the release of their second album, their bassist Jimmy Fernandez died from a brain anneurism. They are easily my favourite band. I go through phases of listening to them. Sometimes nothing for up to six months, then I won't take it out of my cd player for a month.

They're angsty, heavy guitar rock similar to Tool or Cog. I especially love the lyrics (rare for me as I don't really listen to lyrics).

I decided to go searching for their stuff the other day on the web and found that they had a couple of EPs, singles and recordings on top of these albums. I was stunned! It was like new music from a band that broke up almost 10 years ago! But I didn't trust any of the vendors and none of the extra stuff was on Ebay.

So I contacted one guy who had put up the guitar tabs for all their songs including some of those singles and EPs. I figured he would have copies, right? Obviously people don't trade for money. But I showed him this blog and offered my services. He asked for a new title page for his website. He suggested a band portrait. It was only a couple hours work but he emailed me the songs. Now I have more songs from my favourite band, something I never dreamed possible. It's like I just got let into Lucien's library in Sandman and found the lost songs in Dream's library of music that only ever got dreamed.

The design comes from the two albums. The framing texture is a scan of the cover of the first album. The second album is plain white with very plain, tiny black text on it. Hence the way I drew the portrait. I tried to lend a sense of foreboding and cool that the normal band portraits didn't quite capture.


jell said...

you do know i must have those tracks !!
it so sad hardly anyones heard of the God machine ..

I think i still have one of your sophia cd's as well..

Liz said...

That's gorgeous... so do you take comissions for bands? :)

jasonb said...

Hahaha! i can't believe you know who the God Machine is Jell!! (I can email them to you if your email can support emails up to 10MB)

Is that you who has my Sophia album? I wondered where that went to. We can do a swap for your Pilates book. =)

My favourite bit is that it is totally original image of the band. I put together faces and bodies from various photos to create something totally original but still faithful.

As for comissions, Liz. I look at comissions on a size/time basis. Given my deadlines I can't afford to spread myself around too thinly. But if it's small and fun enough... you never, never know. =)