Wednesday, October 25, 2006

RKS guitars pinup 1

This is from a project that has since been canned called Strange Harmonies.

When I was working on it, it was about a girl band who unwittingly find themselves caught up in a battle for balance, karma and trying to get a record deal. It was a joint venture project with RKS guitars (hence the VERY prominent guitar in the pinup).

I worked with a model who was working as a bartender (also part-time model). I basically met her and worded her up on what I do (ie. draw comic books. Realistic style. No nudity. Copies of all artwork etc). I meet people every now and then, and just keep them on file for when a gig comes up. Suddenly RKS needed a pinup within a week for a guitar convention. She was the only person who was available and so I gave her a call.

The problem was that I couldn't get her totally comfortable or into the roles of the characters. She looked the part, she could move the part, but she couldn't get into the part. I'm pretty used to working with models over the years and consider myself a reasonable director and have a pretty good process. I usually sit the model down (guy or girl - yes I do work with men also!) show them my art and the photos that I used as reference. I then talk about the brief, show them my sketches and talk about what I want. Usually I try and email them the sketches and outlines beforehand (unless I've worked with the model before) so they can think about the role and what it requires. But the sheer lack of time to prepare her really affected the artwork.

For example, if you look at this piece she just doesn't look like she's "rocking out". She's smiling but she has this half-hearted "what the hell am I doing" look in her eyes.

Ahh well.

The lighting is still nice.

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