Friday, October 20, 2006


Last year I was asked by Ashleigh (the client who played Lucy) whether I do commissions. I replied that it depended upon the size of the project, what it is, and how much I'm getting paid. She mentioned that Jess (Ash's training partner and also one of my clients) was having her 21st. Apparently, the girls go to greater and greater lengths to commemorate each other's 21st. Videos were commonplace and speeches were almost passe (no hypheny thing above the "e").

Seeing the comic-likeness I did of her for Lucy, Ash asked me if I would do a comic for Jess. I asked her if she had any ideas. She mentioned that Jess basically looks like a superhero and would I do a comic about her as a superhero. I said I would get back to her. That night, the comic basically wrote itself. It's only 2 pages, but it was pretty dense with gags from knowing Jess for about 6 months at that stage.

I called up Ash, emailed her the script, talked cash and the deal was a go.

This was done at the height of my Luna Brothers influence. It also inspired me to colour and ink the Frank Quitely Superman. If you take another look at it, you can see the pallette is almost identical.

While it's not a perfect likeness of her, it does certainly does capture her.

So Jess... I've asked you repeatedly over email if I can post this and you haven't replied. I don't usually take silence as consent, so you better get in touch with me if you don't want any more of this to go up. =)

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