Monday, October 02, 2006

FALLEN SKY: Page 2 and 3

So JAn's script basically had us pulling out further and further on page one as they're flirting gets more and more full on. We see that there's some sort of destruction behind them. A fire... rubble. Then you turn the page and see this.

The only dialogue is from Girl:Fusion and she say, "So. You wanna f*ck".

In panel 2 (the inset) he obviously agrees and off they go.

This took me about 3 weeks. It's A2. While it's a nice piece... (it's a lot more impressive at real size) I find it underwhelming. Not enough bang for the amount I invested in it. But, it did set a new standard of work ethic for me. I started putting a lot more detail on my backgrounds ever since. I kinda went bananas drawing all those windows. There's probably almost a thousand windows on this page.

I'd colour it totally differently if I had to do it again... But this will do for now. Boy, I'd love to see what Annette would do with something like this. One day...

Ok, that ends the FALLEN SKY show. I told you it was unfinished. Just as I finished this splash page we started on the surfer Proximity Effect story. Although, I will show that later. In the meantime, some more wallpapers and poster art.

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