Monday, October 16, 2006

FIRE Kimono

Part of my job art directing for Space Dog involves me doing character designs. Normally this work is done by the penciller on a book, but Roger Mincheff and David Wohl seem to really like my design aesthetic. So much so that they pay me an extra fee to design characters for their books.

David has the Harajuku girls (see earlier pinup near the start of this artblog) appear in another form. He wanted them visually tied in but largely unrecognisable. I also wanted to communicate a sense of their sexiness and ethereal wisdom. He also wanted a stylised homage to the Ying Yang (on her sash). This was fun. It is both revealing and modest. This is what she looks like without all the piercings, tattoos and hair extensions.

I designed all four girls, but they were really only colour and hair variations on this design. Cos I'm such a nice guy, I only charged him for one character. =)

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