Thursday, October 26, 2006

RKS - Trix the Drummer

So as the title says, this is the drummer. So why's she holding a guitar? Cos I needed to produce character designs, a pinup and a guitar ad all in the one week. So being a crafty (read that as lazy) bastard, I decided to roll them all into one.

No time to get a model for this one so this is what I call a patchwork piece. Hands, arms, head and body from all over the place in terms of reference.

Not a particularly controversial piece, but a follow-up to the last one. There's a third, but I may or may not post that as it makes the Witchblade piece look like conservative, prudish trite.

Put it this way... When I emailed the other piece to a mate he got accused of looking at porn at work - and there was no nudity.


ps Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back. Feel free to email me at of leave a comment if you'd like me to post anything you've seen me do before or address anything in particular.

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